Algorithmsof site development


Contact me to begin the process.

You can simply write to me at [email protected] or message me on Telegram. Providing the basic information will be sufficient to start the website development.

For example: If you need a website for computer repair services, I will handle the rest and replace the address, prices, email, and phone number with yours.

If you have more data for the website, send it to me, and I will choose the most essential elements. If no data is available, I will make all necessary decisions to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Advance Payment

Start of development

The advance payment is necessary to initiate the work. I will not develop the site without it, as it safeguards against potential non-payment. I wouldn't risk damaging my reputation for $200.

After receiving the advance payment, within a few days, you will receive a link to the first screen of your website with a presentation and justification of the decisions that will contribute to achieving your website's goals.

Second Stage

First screen completed

After you have reviewed and approved the first screen, you send the next $200. Upon receiving the payment, I proceed with the development of the desktop version of the website (for computers and laptops).

Third Stage

Desktop version ready

Once the desktop version of the website is ready for computers and laptops, you evaluate it, and if necessary, I make any required modifications. Then, you pay the next $200 for the next phase of work, and I start developing the responsive version (the version for tablets and mobile phones).


Adaptive version completed

After the responsive version of the website for tablets and mobile devices is ready and meets your approval, you transfer the remaining amount, and I begin the final phase of development.

It is important to note that the algorithms mentioned are provided as an example of how we work with a landing page. For multi-page websites, this would apply to the main page, and for internal pages, payment is made upon completion.


Your website is ready

Upon the completion of the final development stage, I will send you a Zip archive with your website, ready for deployment on hosting. If needed, I can assist you with the uploading process for an additional fee.

Additionally, a user-friendly admin panel with detailed instructions for content editing on the website is included.

You can always reach out to me if you need to make any changes.


I can make edits if needed

But here it is important to note that these changes have logic and justification. It often happens that customers want to add something, that in the future this can only worsen the site. You turned to expert and you must trust me as expert. My goal is to make your site bring you further profit and customers. So that you come to me more and recommend to your friends, and I am interested in your profit.

It is important to understand the site is done for site visitors! Not for the site owner, and all the goals of our work are aimed at increasing the conversion on your site. Making every block on your site different colors, like the colors of the rainbow or different buttons everywhere, is a bad idea and will not increase sales, but will only confuse your site visitors.

Nonetheless, if you still wish to make changes after our reasoning, I will accommodate those modifications.


Ongoing Support

If you need to add a new section, category, holiday banner, or change the phone number, feel free to contact me. It's not free, but I will do everything with quality and without breaking anything.

Write to me, and we will discuss everything and find the right solution.

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